Lost count of your members? Then get MemberMaster!

On-line membership management

  • Know who your members are, contact - business and more details.
  • Communicate effectively with your membership via SMS and email.
  • Track subscriptions and payments by debit order cheques, credit card and receipts.
  • Track donors.
  • Generate reports and statistics at the touch of a button.
  • Send out monthly invoices and statements.
  • Client Relationship Management and tracking.
  • Manage activities and events with online registration.
  • Committee management and communications.
  • Print Membership cards.
  • Track the progress of members including their participation in all aspects of you organisation.
  • Members can login in and update their own details, reducing admin time.
  • The system is up and running within a few hours.
  • Sports League management

Take control of all yourmembership information by using MemberMaster.

The software package which empowers you to control all your membership related information and statistics.

ATS MemberMaster has been developed out of the awareness that there was a growing need in organisations for an application that could manage and facilitate uncomplicated administration of membership information.


Market research revealed frustration among administrative staff at the in ability of current systems to produce what they needed without complication. It was with this in mind that MemberMaster was developed as a flexible, efficient and user-friendly solution. Because ATS MemberMaster is Windows based it is incredibly user-friendly. Its intuitive interface ensures that the program is not only easy to learn, but it is a pleasure to work with on a day today basis.  Furthermore, sound knowledge of the various areas of the program is not limited to one person. Familiarity with one area of the program allows the user to use any area of the program with ease. We have full confidence that our package is the most comprehensive on the market (a glance at the various modules available will reveal).

The program is flexible enough to allow it to cope with a variety of challenges which face membership organisations today.

The modular approach of MemberMaster enables an organisation to purchase the modules that are required and upgrade or add modules as and when