Database Performance Analyzer for MySQL

The fastest way to identify and resolve MySQL performance problems




Single dashboard provides a view across hybrid IT environments and supports a mix of database engines and deployment options

Optimize MySQL®, Oracle®, SQL Server®, DB2®, and SAP ASE on-premises, VMware®, and in the Cloud, including AWS® EC2, RDS and Azure™ agentless architecture. Safe to use in production





Multi-dimensional performance analysis is an extremely fast way to identify the root cause of poor application performance.

With advanced wait-time analytics, stop guessing and drill down into your MySQL® to find the exact cause of performance bottlenecks.

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Key Features


Visibility into database operations down to the second

Know exactly what's happening in your database: wait times, plans, queries, resources and changes


Less finger-pointing and more collaboration across teams

DBAs, developers, and server teams get access to a single and complete version of the truth


Historical information, trends and dynamic baselines

Go back in time to find out the root cause of problems. Dynamic baselines identify anomalies to watch.


Multi-dimensional analysis isolates the root cause of issues

Correlate wait times, queries, users, files, plans, objects, and time to pinpoint problems


Real-world performance from dozens or hundreds of instances

Agentless architecture with read-only rights is safe to use in production systems


Get expert advice to solve issues

DPA provides expert advice on how to solve issues for professionals of all skill levels

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