Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle

The fastest way to identify and resolve Oracle performance problems





Monitor across your entire environment: physical servers, virtualized, and in the Cloud

Database Performance Analyzer monitors on-premises, on VMware®, and in the Cloud, including Amazon® AWS EC2, RDS and Azure™. Agentless architecture, safe to use in production





The tool experts rely on for Oracle performance tuning and analysis

       Stop guessing and drill down deep inside your database to pinpoint the            exact root cause of performance issues.

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Key Features


Monitor every active session, every second

Know exactly what's happening in your database: wait times, plans, queries, resources and changes


Advanced performance tuning for Oracle Standard Edition (SE)

No Oracle tuning packs? No problem. DPA will make you look like a genius


Historical trends and dynamic baselines

Go back in time to find out the root cause of problems. Dynamic baselines identify anomalies to watch


Multi-Dimensional Analysis isolates root cause of complex issues

Correlate wait times, queries, users, files, plans, objects, storage and time to pinpoint problems


Scaleable, agentless architecture

DPA Central consolidates performance metrics from thousands of monitored instances


One shared tool for IT team collaboration

DBAs, developers, and server teams get access to a single and complete version of the truth

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