Database Performance Analyzer for SAP ASE

A fast way to identify and resolve SAP ASE performance problems



Find SAP ASE performance bottlenecks within four clicks

Stop guessing and drill down into your database to pinpoint the root cause of poor application performance.

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Single tool for monitoring database operations of hybrid IT environments. Supports a mix of database engines and deployment options

Monitors SAP® ASE, Oracle®, SQL Server®, DB2, and MySQL® on-premises, on VMware®, and in the Cloud, including Amazon® AWS and Azure™ virtual machines. Agentless architecture; safe to use in production.

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Key Features


Historical trends and resource correlation

DPA’s historical repository highlights the trends and anomalies that are easy candidates for tuning


Alerts, reports, and baselines

Comprehensive alerting and reporting without overloading your inbox. Baselines highlight outliers


Expert advice

DBAs see tuning advice for the instance. Advice for developers can focus on a specific SQL query


Multi-dimensional analysis isolates root cause of complex issues

Correlate wait times, queries, users, files, plans, objects, storage and time to pinpoint problems


View DPA analysis and metrics within SolarWinds' Orion® interface

Get database performance in the context of specific applications inside SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor


Scalable, agentless architecture

DPA Central consolidates performance metrics from thousands of monitored instances

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