Mobile Admin

Simplify IT administration and management from your mobile device






Monitor and troubleshoot IT problems on the fly from iOS, Android and Blackberry mobile devices

  • Secure mobile access to monitor over 40 applications, including Windows®, AD®, Exchange, VMware®, SQL Server®, SolarWinds® Orion®, etc.
  • Licensed per technician user. Ask us about the special 'Mobile Admin MAX' license for unlimited users.

Key Features


Integration with SolarWinds Orion platform

Manage node details, interfaces and events from Orion® platform products on your mobile device.

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Active Directory management from mobile

Remotely reset passwords. View, edit, create, or delete domain users, groups and OU, and modify group memberships.


Virtualization management from mobile

Integration with VMware® and Hyper-V® lets you remotely manage and configure virtualized hosts and virtual machines.


Email server management from mobile

Manage mailboxes, stores, and mail queues, stop/restart Exchange services and modify storage/delivery settings.


Remote network administration from mobile

Troubleshoot network issues, and manage DHCP scopes, IP reservations, DNS zones and records.


Database administration from mobile

Manage database files, stored procedures, and log files, run SQL queries, start/stop SQL agent, reset passwords, and more.

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