Patch Manager

Automated Patching of Microsoft Servers & 3rd-Party Apps





Intuitive reporting to quickly address software vulnerabilities

No SQL knowledge required. Powerful out-of-the-box reports help you stay on top of critical updates, install statuses, failed updates, and more.






Automate 3rd-party patching just like you do for Microsoft updates

Save time by automating 3rd-party patching and publishing. SolarWinds® Patch Manager lets you automatically download, publish, and patch popular and commonly used 3rd-party applications. 

3rd-party software list


Key Features


Integration with SCCM

View details of 3rd-party software patches and the status of endpoints managed by SCCM.

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Microsoft WSUS patch management

Manage patches for your Microsoft® products, and diagnose and fix problems from the Windows® Update Agent.

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Vulnerability management

Discover patch statuses and vulnerabilities of all Microsoft and other 3rd-party applications.

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Pre-built/pre-tested packages

Use 3rd-party app packages, including Java™, that are already built and tested by SolarWinds.


Readily available reports

Determine the status of patches, and demonstrate to auditors that systems are patched and compliant.


Patch status dashboard

View the latest available patches, top 10 missing patches, and the general health of your environment.

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