IP Address Manager

Eliminate IP conflicts and save time managing DHCP, DNS and IP Addresses





Affordable DHCP, DNS and IP Address Management

Save up to 20 hours a month managing DHCP, DNS and IP addresses and have more visibility and control.

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 Key Features

Automated IP address management

Automated subnet discovery and IP scanningscours your network so you always know how IPs are used

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Integrated DHCP and DNS administration

Find an open IP and make the DHCP reservation and DNS entries in one motion from a single console.



IP alerting, troubleshooting and reporting

Know when IPs conflict, subnets/scopes are depleted or DNS entries don’t match.



Delegated administration

Easily delegate IP administration so systems and network admins can manage their own range of IPs.



IP detail and history tracking

Get the complete 411 on your IPs and how they have been used—even in the distant past.


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