IP Control Bundle

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to improved network reliability and control

  • Gain visibility and control with smart IP address and multi-vendor DHCP and DNS management.
  • Improve reliability with end-to-end subnet, IP, DHCP, DNS, and switch port monitoring and alerting.
  • Manage change and fix problems faster with IP discovery, metadata documentation, and reporting.



 IP Control Bundle Features


Track user and endpoint device connection activity

Keep your network secure and compliant using customizable watch lists that allow you to monitor user and endpoint device access.


Simplify DHCP and DNS administration

Use one console to make DHCP and DNS administration changes that work seamlessly across your Microsoft®, Cisco®, and open source systems.


Proactively detect IP faults across more of your IP infrastructure

Improve your network reliability through detection of IP faults from subnet and DHCP address exhaustion, IP conflicts, and DNS mismatch errors.


Manage change and resolve problems faster

Manage change and resolve problems faster with our extensible system and user-defined IP address metadata and usage histories.


Improve IP task delegation and collaboration

Give more users and admins access to DHCP, DNS, and IP address management through the use of roles and permissions.


Locate where users and endpoint devices are network connected

Identify where users and endpoint devices are network connected with the powerful search feature, helping you troubleshoot and fix problems faster.


Centrally manage IPv4 and IPv6 subnets and IP addresses

Automate discovery and scanning to save time and help you manage and provision IP addresses and subnets with greater accuracy.


Rapidly isolate users and endpoint devices from the network

Protect your network against compromised devices and unauthorized use with remote port shutdown and watch list rules.


See switch and switch port usage

Avoid outages and plan for growth. Active switch and switch port monitoring identifies faults and usage so you can foresee potential problems.

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